Que Sera Sera

I just don’t understand U women.

Are you looking for a perfect guy just to fulfill your alternate ego?

Are you just perfect enuff to demand as above?

Also, are we kind enuff to understand you?

For time being, I say silence is bliss.

booGie : Currently I probably halfway to step on that soft white sand in Kuala Terengganu. Yeay!



  1. take a break bro. jom pi pulau..

  2. sape wanita tu?

  3. probably should seek someone who accept you as you are…
    instead of trying to please the other person, see if she could stand the real you 🙂
    not saying that you’re a bad person or a jerk ya.
    cuma keikhlasan itu sukar di dapati dalam ape-ape hubungan sekalipun.

  4. korang pi pulau ek?
    are you interested in kayak jeram?
    if you do please email me…
    i believe the author of this blog can see my email right?

  5. Bukanberuk…
    Both of us actually understand each other, maybe I was just lepas geram… at that time je kut.


    Kayak? Suatu hari nanti ya. Tima kasih.

  6. perempuan mmg susah nak difahami bg lelaki.
    saya perempuan,
    saya pula rasa susah nak memahami lelaki.

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